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Hupfeld Clavitist, Universal und Clavitist-Universal

Spools same as Helios.

77 key music roll, same spacing as rolls used for Phonoliszt Piano, Helios and Phonoliszt-Violina. Scale has 10 solo-tracks for xylophone or bells, additional tracks for bass drum and snare plus one track to control up to two different instruments. Universal, Clavitist, and Clavitist-Universal were made in many models and different instrumentation.

Click HERE to find a detailed description of the different Hupfeld piano rolls.


I have found the following additional components:

Standard mandolin rail,

pneumatic operated reiterating mandolin,

mechanical operated reiterating mandolin,

10-note Bell section

10-note Xylophon single blow,

10-note Xylophon, reiterating

30-note Xylophon .

30-note Accordeon (original Hupfeld!)

Snare drum and bass drum.

Clavitist in keyless case, piano, mandolin rail and Glockenspiel (bells).

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