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Hupfeld Helios, Phonoliszt, Phonoliszt-Violina

Music roll based on the standard Hupfeld 77 track roll.


Orchestrion roll with tracks for:

piano, mandolin, xylophone or lotos flute, pipe ranks, percussion. Expression track for piano and swells.

10 solo tracks for bells (glockenspiel).

In large orchestrions multiplexing allows operation of more ranks than tracks available.


Artist rolls for upright and grand pianos. Tracks for sustain/soft pedal and expression.

Expression is much simpler than in full reproducing systems. (No divided stack!)


When adjusted correctly, it can still be surprisingly effective.

Note of interest:

All Hupfeld rolls bear two water marks!

First water mark is always Hupfeld Phonola,

second water mark tells you year of production.


Typical Hupfeld wooden spool for:

DEA, Clavitist, Helios, Phonoliszt, Violina.

The early 73key Phonola roll also used these end pieces.

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