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This is a chart of some the music rolls, we made over the years for more than 23 different instruments.

A click on the instrument type will lead you to a downloadable file of the actual title list.

Hupfeld Animatic -S-

Hupfeld Clavitist (Universal)


Hupfeld Helios

Hupfeld Phonoliszt Piano


Hupfeld Sinfonie Jazz


Hupfeld Triphonola


Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina


Hohner Magic Organa




Kuhl&Klatt piano


Loesche Orchestrion

National Coin Piano


Weber Unika

Weber Brabo


Weber Maesto


Welte red (T-100)


Welte green (T-98)


Welte Philharmonic Organ


Welte 75 key Cottage Organ


Gebrüder Bruder 111er


Bacigalupo 45ger Drehorgel


Ruth 33ger Orgel


Seybold Gabi


Tino Accordeon


miscellaneous other rolls

New: Aeolian DUO - ART recuts available!

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