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Dear visitor, this page will inform you about what is going on at our workshop here.

October 2008

We started to set up our new museum of mechanical instruments in Monschau.


March 2008

We have moved to a new and much bigger building in Monschau!


October 2007

The number of green Welte rolls has grown again, there are 209 rolls available now.


September 2007

Several more titles have been added to the red Welte roll list and the list is still growing.

There are now 841 titles available!


A list of Loesche orchestrion rolls has been added.


August 2007

We will move end of this year into our new premises.More information and pictures are coming soon....


September 2006

New enlarged list of now 108 Welte Cottage 75 key rolls is available.

The chart "Identifying music rolls" has been enlarged.


The new and exiting book about Welte-Mignon piano rolls is available!

Welte - Mignon Klavierrollen

The Complete Library of Recordings

for the European Welte-Mignon Reproducing Piano,1904 - 1932.

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