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Restoration of a combined Welte Philharmonic

and Style 10 Cottage Organ

The probably biggest Welte Philharmonic Organ installation is located at the former residence of Sir David Salomon at Tunbridge Wells in England, south of London.

In cooperation with A. C. Pilmer, Rufforth, York, we were asked to restore the entire pneumatic player unit for this organ.

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Original Welte catalogue picture.


This Instrument is absolutely unique in its size and specification. The main organ with 1600 Pipes is supplemented with a seperate Echo Organ, located at the other end of the hall with some additional 400 pipes.

The unusual 3-manual console is equipped with two separate roll playing units! It plays the 120key (Style 10) Welte Cottage rolls as well as the standard 150key Welte Philharmonic rolls.

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